Become a Citizen Pledge Champion

By holding politicians to their word, Citizen Pledge Champions protect the rights to life, liberty, property, happiness and safety for every Pennsylvanian.

Pledge Champions Commit To:

Voting for Cap-Endorsed Candidates

Our team endorses all candidates who have signed The Pledge and are in good standing, regardless of party affiliation. Be sure you are registered to vote in every election and encourage other Pennsylvanians to do the same.

Attending In-Person Events

Showing up to in-person events sends a powerful message to lawmakers that their constituents are keeping a steady watch. Our team keeps Pledge Champions up to date on local meetups, townhalls, rallies, board meetings and more.

Signing Petitions

Before critical votes, our team delivers your petition signatures on the biggest issues at the Statehouse directly to lawmakers.

Sharing CAP Materials with Friends and Neighbors

Pledge Champions receive flyers, pamphlets, legislator scorecards and pledge pocket-cards to download, print and share. They also get exclusive access to lawn signs, bumper stickers, postcards and more.

Containg Your Lawmaker

Pledge Champions receive email and text message alerts on the latest developments at the Statehouse. And our Legislator Lookup Tool makes it easy to make your voice heard before key votes.

Sharing CAP Content on Social Media

Our Facebook followers get sharable videos, graphics, memes and cartoons in support of our shared Pennsylvania values.

Watch Live Stream

When the Legislature is in-session, tune in to the proceedings happening on the floors of the House and Senate as debate happens live. Watch both chambers here.

Check Pledge Standings

Know where your legislator stands with The Pledge. Did they sign it? If they did, how well are they holding up to their commitment to our shared values. View Pledge Standing here.

Become a Citizen Pledge Champion