About Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

Our mission is to empower Pennsylvania through a citizen legislature accountable to the people.

Our Vision:

Elect 26 CAP Legislators by 2026

Definition of a CAP Legislator:

As a citizen legislator…

  • I will not take the hybrid pension.
  • I will not take per diems.
  • I will not accept any campaign contributions from public-sector unions.
  • I will not vote for any budget that does not meet TPA standards.
  • I will not vote for any tax increase.
  • I will vote to eliminate all defined benefit options for new state employees. 
  • I will vote to eliminate state liquor stores.
  • I will vote to support right-to-work.
  • I will vote to support school choice.
  • I will vote to support medical freedom.
  • I will vote to support a part-time citizen legislature.

Our Team

Leo Knepper

Political Director

Leo Knepper is the Political Director for Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP). Beginning his political work in 2005, Leo fell in love with the ideas of liberty when he read The Law, by Frederic Bastiat. 

Leo joined the CAP team after serving as the Pennsylvania state director of Heritage Action for America, the political affiliate of The Heritage Foundation. He has built grassroots networks to fight against abuses within Pennsylvania government, including the infamous midnight pay raise in 2005. 

Leo graduated from Penn State’s Capitol Campus with his MBA. He is a lifelong Pennsylvania resident and spends his free time dreaming up new ways to disrupt the Harrisburg cocktail parties and smash political corruption.

[email protected]

John Kennedy


John Kennedy began a career in the rail industry as a track laborer. After “saving up dimes” for seven years, John founded Kennedy Railroad Builders in Harrisburg in 1965. In 1980, John was elected to the Pennsylvania General Assembly. After four terms, he kept a public commitment to the idea of the citizen legislature by returning to his private railroad business.

John is the first known legislator to decline the lucrative government pension bestowed upon members of the General Assembly. His eight years in public life were defined by what the Harrisburg Patriot-News called “pounding away for internal reform that is essential to restore public faith in the Legislature as an institution of integrity and accountability.”

Retired from his private business, John advises his three sons, keepers of the Kennedy love affair with rail. He currently serves as the Chairman of CAP and has been a driving force behind the organization’s success. His life’s work is to restore the role of the entrepreneur in governance as the founders intended.