Update: Which Republicans Just Set Up Vote for Tax Hiking Budget?

Dec 22, 2015

Earlier this evening there was some procedural wrangling in the Pennsylvania House. The activity set up a vote tomorrow on a budget, which if passed, will set us up for a massive tax hike. Here is the list of Republicans who joined with the entire Democratic Caucus to move this irresponsible budget forward (full roll call here):

Rep. Steve Barrar (Chester and Delaware County) 717-783-3038
Rep. Brian Ellis (Butler County) 717-787-7686
Rep. Harold English (Allegheny County) 717-260-6407
Rep. Frank Farry (Bucks County) 717-260-6140
Rep. Robert Godshall (Montgomery County) 717-783-6428
Rep. Kate Harper (Montgomery County) 717-787-2801
Rep. Adam Harris (Franklin, Juniata and Mifflin County) 717-783-7830
Rep. Harry Lewis (Chester County) 717-787-1806
Rep. Nick Miccarelli (Delaware County) 717-787-3472
Rep. Duane Milne (Chester County) 717-787-8579
Rep. Bernie O’Neill (Bucks County) 717-705-7170
Rep. John Payne (Dauphin County) 717-787-2684
Rep. Marguerite Quinn (Bucks County) 717-772-1413
Rep. Chris Ross (Chester County) 717-783-1574
Rep. James Santora (Delaware County) 717-783-8808
Rep. John Taylor (Philadelphia County) 717-787-3179
Rep. Tarah Toohil (Luzerne County) 717-260-6136
Rep. Mike Vereb (Montgomery County) 717-705-7164
Rep. Martina White (Philadelphia County) 717-787-6740

In addition to the above list, one more Republican voted against a motion to recommit:

Rep. Jim Christiana (Beaver and Washington County) 717-260-6144

A final vote of interest was a procedural vote to “revert” the House budget back to the more expensive Senate budget adds one more name to the list of suspects for the final vote tomorrow, Rep. John Maher (Allegheny and Washington County) 717-783-1522.

If you see your Representative’s name listed above, please contact them immediately. Tell them to oppose SB 1073.

Update: Rep. Craig Staats (Bucks County) was originally a NO vote on the motion to recommit. He changed his vote to a YES on 12/23.

Update 2: The Senate decided that they would not proceed with the $30.8 billion budget. Instead they passed a $30.27 billion budget that was already passed by the House earlier in December. The budget will be sent to the Governor.