Action Alert: House Vote on Liquor Liberty Bill

Mar 20, 2013

On Monday afternoon, HB 790 cleared its first hurdle.

The amended legislation passed out of the House Liquor Control Committee on a party line vote. Chairman John Taylor did a terrific job in moving the proceedings along.

While the bill is not perfect, CAP believes it represents a substantial step forward for Pennsylvania consumers. It is long past time to end the Commonwealth’s prohibition era state store system. We believe that in the medium term, this legislation will get Pennsylvania government out of the booze business.

It is our understanding that HB 790 will face a vote in the House by the end of this week.

The liquor clerk’s union and businesses that benefit from a state granted monopoly will not allow the legislation pass without a fight.

Contact your Representative TODAY and let them know you will be watching. Tell them it is time to move Pennsylvania liquor sales into the 21st Century.

Our friends at the Commonwealth Foundation put together a helpful summary of the changes that HB 790 will make to the current system.

Thank you for your help.